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Temporary Storage

Temporary Storage

Need extra room?
SMARTBOX is the perfect solution.

You never know when you may need to temporarily store things at your home or office. SMARTBOX is the perfect solution to your temporary storage problem. If you are selling your house, a Smartbox portable storage container is ideal for storing items during the “listing” process. Whether you need to clean out your garage to get your car back where it was intended, or need to straighten up before you sell your home, SMARTBOX is the perfect solution to easily de-clutter your home. Best of all, SMARTBOX will deliver boxes to your home and will pick them up when packed, so prospective buyers will only see a beautiful home.

Caught in between moves?

SMARTBOX Portable Self Storage containers are a great way to get temporary storage for your belongings between moves. Use a Smartbox to pack up your belongings, send a couple of boxes to your apartment, keep the rest in storage, and when you do finally close on your house, just call us and we’ll drop your moving containers to your new doorstep. Another great feature of the Smartbox storage container is its convenient size, two of which can be placed side-by-side in a standard parking space. So if you’re moving to an apartment for just a short time, don’t make the mistake of renting one gigantic metal container. Compartmentalize and organize your move with a smarter solution: a Smartbox is just the answer. When you finally do find your new home, we can deliver all the boxes right to your door, it’s that simple.

Have a holly jolly holiday—with SMARTBOX!

Running out of space in the attic for all your holiday decorations? Need to make room for the tree and all the presents? Let SMARTBOX Portable Self-Storage make your next holiday season more enjoyable with some smart organization. Get your elves and reindeer out of the shed, pull those boxes of lights, tree decorations, and other seasonal items out and store them in one centralized location. With a little planning and preparation, you could make next year the best holiday yet. Make the most of your spring cleaning and get it together today with a Smartbox storage container. We’ll drop it off at your doorstep and pick it up when your done and store it at our temperature controlled, secure warehouse. Then, next year come December, just give us a jingle and we’ll drop off an early gift, full of holiday cheer.

To get started with SMARTBOX just fill out the quick quote on this page or call one of our temporary storage specialists who will be happy to assist you.