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U Pack it Yourself

U Pack it Yourself

Move at your own pace, and save, save, save!

Packing your belongings yourself is the most cost-effective way to save, save, save money while you move and store your belongings. At SMARTBOX we provide you with the industry’s best mobile storage units to meet your all of your moving and storage needs. Our portable storage containers allow you the freedom to pack your belongings at your pace so you can work your next move into your busy weekly schedule. Take all the time you need to load and unload your storage units. With SMARTBOX mobile storage units, you can move at your own pace!

Protect your wallet and your belongings.

Packing yourself means you never have to worry about Mr. Clumsy Unprofessional and his discount moving team mishandling your precious items as they load and unload your possessions. With a Smartbox, you pack all of your furniture and belongings yourself, to ensure their safety and care. Our easy to access, easy to pack storage containers offer ground level loading that is convenient for everyone, especially seniors. Packing our mobile storage units yourself not only saves you money, it also gives you the opportunity to weed out items you don’t need or use anymore and makes unpacking quick and easy.

Play it safe. U Pack it yourself!

You might say that self-packing brings you peace of mind and that’s worth the time and effort. Packing yourself not only provides you the opportunity to organize your move, it also allows you the opportunity to weed out potential throw away or storage items; items professional packers will likely have kept. Some moving companies add additional charges to your base price by weighing your contents after they are loaded. At SMARTBOX we make the entire process easy. There are no hidden fees and we bring everything to you including boxes and packing materials.

Move on your own schedule.

You simply load the mobile storage units yourself with no time limits and give us a call when you’re ready to move. If you need to store the items for a while we can keep your mobile storage units in our temperature controlled warehouse safe and secure. Then when your ready for them we’ll bring them to you so you can unpack at your own pace on your schedule. Now that’s SMARTBOX moving.